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the month.


We hope that our September selection will convince you to travel and surf ! 

Sun-dried palms and palazzo pant design meet in this travel-ready romper.


Part of the special edition collection with lifestyle and fashion blogger, Sincerely Jules, the palm print jumper finds wanderlust vibes with a wide leg and knotted bodice.


Billabong x Sincerely Jules Collection.17


Mini Tanker offers a very good alternative to longboard. This kind of shape keeps the same advantages: easy paddling and riding.


It's less bulky and has a good manoeuvrability. You would enjoy noseriding and cross stepping too. It's a powerful board, adapted to all and all the levels: beginer like confirmed.


MINI TANKER - Size: 8'0 x 22''1/2 x 2''3/4 


Shaper: David Charbonnel  


Independent surfers & designers recycle used wetsuits into beach accessories in Bordeaux, France.


Write your own surfing story.


This unique, illustrated surfbook contains all the principal parameters to let you register every session: remember the spots, rate them, note your impressions and emotions, even draw, and by the same, keep track of your progress, session after session.


Designed and made in France


Get yourself a modern clock for a quick and easy reading of the state of the tide !

Our Ocean Clock’s hand shows you how many hours until your next high or low tide. Natural beech frames, quality quartz movements,


Ocean Clocks are assembled by hand in our workshop, in France (Hossegor).



80% EicoPrene, 10% Recycled polyester, 10% Nylon


Manufactured with Picture Eicoprene Sustainable


Resources and waterbased Aqua-a™ glue lamination, the Diana is perfect for your summer sessions. Linings are made with recycled polyester, coming from plastic bottles.


A product bearing a real impact on the fight against climate change !