Immersion Vol.3

Immersion Vol.3

    • My Blue Dream

    (Text: Léa Brassy - Photos: Laurent Masurel)

    • Women in the shaping world

    (Marion Albo - Valérie Duprat - Ashley Lloyd Thompson - Cher Pendarvis)

    • Feeding the soul with Mele Saili

    (Text: Fabrice Le mao - Photos: Lucki O'keefe)

    • Mavericks, a 360° view of the beast

    (Dom Daher)

    • Pondering Puerto

    (Sachi Cunningham)

    • Kamchatka, the wild land

    (Anna Garilova)

    • Olga Sinenko
    • The wild women of the West Coast

    (Bryanna Bradley)

    • The resistance of the soul

    (Text: Anais Pierquet - Photos: Simon Fitz)

    • Island daughters

    (Text: Camille Pilar - Photos: Camille Robiou du pont)

    • Ex-stase, or suspended surfing

    (Text: Frédérique Seyral - Photos: Nicolas Bigot)

    • The meaning of Immersion

    (Text: Mathieu Accoh - Illustrations: Alain Bourdon)

    • Sisters of the sea

    (Natalie Grono)

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