Immersion Vol.2

Immersion Vol.2

Immersion, it's a bilingual (French/English) magazine, elegant and timeless. A document of reference to be shared and kept. It’s editorial line is independant, inspired and diverse.

Among our 2nd Volume subjects: a portrait of Belinda Baggs, an escape to Malibu, an exhaustive file on the surfing business and the industrialisation of shaping, a surf trip to New Zelande...

  • - Surfing the winter in New Zealand / A solitary surf trip

    (Apolla Echino)

    - Darwin, ecology or your life / A conversation with Philippe Barre (Frédérique Seyral)

    - Belinda Baggs / Portrait of a dedicated woman

    (Fabrice Le Mao)

    - Malibu forever / Portfolio

    (Andrea Coleman)

    - The surfing business and the industrialisation of shaping

    (Marie-Amélie Néollier and Frédérique Seyral)

    - The Blue Coast

    (Anne Querol)

    - The Birth of Venus / A story of love, water and sidewalk

    (Fabrice Le Mao)

    - The female voice of skate / Meet 4 iconic women

    Interviews : Peggy Oki, Laura Thornhill, Nora Vasconscellos and Courtney Conlogue

    - Meet Sarah Lee / Surf Photographer

    - Seeking Sino Surfer

    (Dom Daher and Patricia Oudit)

    - On a jaunt to China with Kassia Meador / Portfolio

    - The shape of water / The morphology of waves

    (Marie Amélie Néollier)

    - Sardinia under the sun / Portfolio

    - My intimacy with her

    (Gibus de Soultrait)



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