Who's Nique Miller?

Photo Courtney Spence

We've all seen photos of Nique surfing the turquoise waves of Waikiki, but who is she really? Meet a girl who knows where she is going!

Hi Nique! Could you introduce us to your personal story ?  Where are you from ?

Hi my name is Dominique Miller (or Nique for short) and I’m a professional surfer from Hawaii. Originally I grew up on the mainland (US) both in Michigan and Texas. I am half Mexican and half Balck. My mom never knew how to swim growing up and always felt sad not being able to join the other kids swimming so she made it a mission when me and my brother were born to make sure we knew how to swim. I was in swim classes before I could even walk! I learned to surf while I was a teenager in Texas. I was very very bad. I had no formal training. I just went out with my friends and attempted to surf. Before this I played many other sports growing up, including my two favorite lacrosse and cross country running.

Photo @tommypierucki

I was also very good at both getting scholarships offers for college in both sports. I chose to go cross country running. I came to Hawaii for college and run on the cross country team. When I was in Hawaii this is when my surfing greatly progressed. I was able to do it everyday and watch and surf along some of the best surfers in the world...eventually I got pretty good and decided to enter a surf contest. I was so nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I ended placing second, I was so happy and from there decided I wanted to try and do every contest I could. I want to become a world champion one day!

Photo @tommypierucki

You live in Hawaii, what do you like about this island and its culture ?

I absolutely love Hawaii! It is a very special place. It is an island chain comprised of 8 main islands. I live on Oahu, the most populated one. I like it though because to me it has a good balance of city and country. If you like the city life Waikiki is the place to be and it also has the best waves for longboarding. If you are more into nature north shore and Westside are the spots, and these areas in the winter are the best in the world for short boring! This island like the rest has a rich polynesian history. This is also the birth place of surfing. The waves here are incredibly. The water is warm and for the most part is crystal clear. The people here are also so kind and full of aloha.

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Surfing plays a huge part in my life, it’s something I can’t live without. I surf everyday morning and sunset time, and brings me so much happiness and strength. Thru surfing I have also been able to travel around the whole world and make lots of new friends and experience different cultures.


Photo @tommypierucki

You use to practice longboard, what's your favorite board?

My favorite board to ride is my 9’0  custom made blue polka dot longboard made by my shaper J Richardson. It is a progressive noserider which means it is good for Turing and walking to the nose. It also pretty light to carry and travel with. I normally take this board on all my surf trips and contests. 

Photo @tommypierucki

When you’re not on the water, what are your favorite activities and you job ?

I’m pretty much always in the water. I normally wake up and go surfing, come home eat take a nap and surf again for sunset. If I have to go to work it also involves surfing. I am a surf photographer at a surf school. So my job is to go out with the surf lesson in the water and take photos of them surfing. Our surf breaks in Waikiki are far out in the ocean so I have to paddle out there on a longboard with a camera with a water housing and take photos of them. I sometimes ride waves with them while I am shooting and help give them pointers. If I’m not working or surfing other things I like to do is make jewelry ( @nique_jewelry ) or go diving for shells or hiking (mainly waterfall hikes)

Photo Courtney Spence

What are your values and your life philosophy ?

My values in life is to always be respectful of others and always try my best in whatever I do. I believe the universe rewards good people with good things or opportunities :)

Photo @tommypierucki/ Photo Courtney Spence

What is your favorite surf spot and the one you find the most challenging ?

My favorite spot to surf is my home of Waikiki. Within the mile long stretch of Waikiki beach there is more than 7 great and different surf breaks you can surf. I most often surf queens, pops, 3s and kaisers. These are my favorite spots on the south shore. One place I find most challenging surfing is pretty much all of north shore. The waves there are much more powerful than town. The current and wind are also a lot stronger. You have to be in good physical and mental strength if you are going to surf up there but it does make you an overall better surfer. I like going there to challenge myself and build my confidence up of surfing bigger waves. But I will admit I don’t really like big big waves I find it scary and not that fun to surf, I prefer chest to maybe 2/3 feet over head waves. That’s why I really like town it’s just an easy fun perfect wave to go and play on. 

Photo Courtney Spence

Where have you never surfed and have always dreamed of surfing ?

I have never surfed in Africa but one day this is my dream to. I most notably would love to surf in Morrocco, Mozambique, and Madagascar. These places also look so beautiful and interesting  so I would absolutely love to explore the countries and eat the unique food they have. 

I hope these answers are okay :) thank you again for wanting to know about me and do a write up.