The best yin yoga pose after paddling

Words Céline Lévy

This yin posture will allow us to reach the deep connective tissues in the upper back, the ones which are challenged when we paddle.

Lie down on your belly and relax your legs completely. Extend the right arm forward engage your fingertips against the floor and throw the left arm across, palm looking up. Do not go too far as symmetrically you want to extend the right arm across in the opposite direction to create a kind of cross. The cross is between the collar bones and the chest.

Relax your neck and head down, you might touch the floor or not, if it’s too much stress at the back of the neck you can rest as well your forehead on a block.

When you get out of the pose, stay in half cobra for a few breaths and go for the other side.

If you want long term results, please stay 3 minutes at list on each side.