Simon Fitz, a surf photographer

Simon Fitz, is a 27 year old ocean and photography enthusiast from Germany. We love his graphic, sleek pictures where the light works the space and the bodies in a sculptural softness. He started photography after his studies. The move to the endless shorelines of france changed his style in photography forever. His attraction to surfing and surf-photography is probably linked to his choice of quitting all social constraints and responsibilities. The multitude of characters in surfing may helped with that.

“I think with surf-photography and especially surfing its not what you’re doing its how you’re doing it. And no one is telling me how i should or shouldn’t doing it. It’s all up to me and my weird and crazy brain.”

Simon is trying to communicate his vision of the surf-world through pictures that are far away from the perfect surfpicture every surfer is dreaming of.

Surfing looks and feels completely different to me than to anyone else, and thats the good thing about it. I just want my followers to take away a feeling and open their minds to diverse thoughts about surfing“.

Most of the photos below have been taken for “Puresurfcamps”