She is the ocean

A movie by Inna Blokhina

Inna Blokhina, Russian director, already known for the beautiful “On The Wave” continues, with “She Is The Ocean”, her trilogy of documentaries around the ocean and its people.

“As if Innesse Blohina’s award winning documentary “On the wave” wasn’t deep enough, now the Russian director is planning to take her audience even deeper with her new film “She is the ocean”.

Innesse Blokhina is gifted with the ability to capture not only the majesty of the sea, but also the ability to reach inside the people whose entire lives revolve around it. In “On the wave” it was a fascinating group of surfers, from World Champion Kelly Slater to a Policeman from Finland who wanted to leave the violence of his job behind.

But this time, “She is the ocean” will examine a wider range of the global ocean tribe.

In this unique documentary concept, the director has selected these women, ranging from the ages of fourteen to seventy, in order to create a mosaic portrait of what could be, in the end, a metaphor for one woman’s ocean life through all her ages at once.

Starting with a little girl who engages in the thrill of surfing with ambitions to become a world champion, to a woman who has drawn from the inspiration of the Ocean to become a deliverer of life, to a woman who plunges into the deepest depths on the edge of human survival on a single breath, to a woman who tows into giant surf behind a speeding jet-ski, to a woman who finds solace in plunging into the ocean from cliffs over 130 feet high.

By employing this age specific technique, the director is able to capture these women’s voices from childhood to seniority. The common thread how the ocean has molded their lives and given them meaning beyond the normal constraints of society.

Throughout history, the Ocean’s boundless energy and mysterious inspiration has always been assigned a feminine personality. Mankind has always referred to the Ocean as a She. Even the boats that sail upon her waters are considered to possess female energy. Could this be mankind’s greatest compliment to the female gender? That these Oceans of ours, which contain the most powerful forces on the planet, the most boundless mysteries, the progenitor of all life on earth, the vessel of our planet’s most infinite and valuable bounty, will always be related to the same noble attributes of a woman? The attributes of mystery and power which has kept mankind enthralled from time immemorial?

In exploring these questions and other great thoughts, She Is The Ocean becomes more than a just a documentary. It becomes an experience that, told in these great women’s own words, will hold the answers for all.”

Blokhina’s most ambitious project to date, “she is the ocean” will examine the lives of eigth extraordinary women who define the courage and spirituality to lead a life of the sea. A big wave surfer, a free diver, a midwife, a scientist, a fourteen years old surfing prodigy, even a cliff diver.

Indonesia, chile, Europe, America, Russia, Germany, Hawaii, covering all corners of the globe she is the ocean will be the thoughtful examination of these remarkable women who share one thing in common: a profound love for the sea. A love so profound that they have all chose to make it the center of their physical and professional lives.

And they will all be women.