Ridersbnb, an airbnb for surfers

An airbnb for surfers

Who has never looked for good plans for a future surf trip? Knowing  the best spots, having every information about local transport, finding surf or yoga course according to your desire, or even sharing the best adresses to go out …

Organizing an ideal holiday in order to feel cool on the spot and to optimize your stay, this is the motto of Ridersbnb, a new platform dedicated to riders.

“When you plan for  a trip, especially a surf trip, you always wish to experience a unique, totally successful journey. But sometimes, logistics (equipment, transport, accommodation, …) and poor knowledge of the local area (spots , weather, tide, localism, …) can be important obstacles. Moreover, holidays tend to become less and less longer, so you want everything to go on well when you arrive in a foreign country “explains Xabi, Sylvain and Peio, the three founders. “The platform is here to meet all these expectations”.

The editor asked some questions to Xabi, Sylvain and Peio:

You three boys worked on this project, can you tell us about yourself, and where did the idea of Ridersbnb come from?

We are indeed three boys from the Basque coast. We are working in tourism, web and communication.This project has been in our minds for more than 2 years and we decided to launch after having surveyed major players in the market.

We imagine that you are surfers … and travelers?

As Surfers/ Travelers, we often found ourselves abroad looking for advice or services to make the most of our trip. Especially when the trip is short and we do not have enough time to master local spots. Getting the boards to destination is another major problem hence the idea of offering an on-site service on arrival is to be developed. The idea of Ridersbnb is to ride on the wave of the collaborative economy to connect the community of leisure sports enthusiasts and live a unique experience!

And it also allows the host / rider to make ends meet by renting accommodation and offering adapted services (rental or loan of equipment, guidance, rack for boards, outdoor showers, spot guide, good addresses…).

What’s a good surf session for you three?

A good surf session is all about simplicity : some good waves, at the right place at the right time … with the right people! 🙂 And for the ideal trip, loads of sun, waves and a nice house to share with friends or family. With Ridersbnb, the notions of sharing and respect – the environment and the premises – are at the heart of the project!

Their goal in the short term: to build the web-based platform reputation among the surfers community over the planet and soon among the outdoor sport community  (sea, mountain and street). “With Ridersbnb, we want to connect enthusiasts riders  from around the world to share our passion and our good plans, make ends meet and live unique moments.”