Peanut Butter

Those in the know will already be familiar with Leah Dawson. If you aren’t yet, now’s the time to find out more. Leah is pretty low-key on the female surf circuit, it’s true… she’s not the sort to get her bum out for photos. Nonetheless she does have many a string to her bow…. with a style that comes close to perfection and a great sense of humour, she also sings, plays and writes songs on the guitar, shapes boards and makes films. Talking of that, we’re a huge fan of Peanut Butter! No, it’s not a film about your favourite spread. It’s about a board that, over the years, has taken on the wonderful amber hue so characteristic of such cherished surf mementos, which Leah has given this wonderful nickname. She is so attached to this board she would never dream of leaving it in the garage. She loves it like an old friend with whom she’s shared some great moments.