Party Waves

Anouk Corolleur

As a surfer, it’s truly amazing to have friends who share the same love for the ocean.

Wherever I have lived on the planet, the surfing community has always been an anchor for me as I navigate the unknown waters of life.

I am so grateful for mama Ocean because thanks to her I have met some of my best friends.

They live a little bit everywhere on the planet, but they share the same values of fun, kindness and adventure.

Our encounters are always an explosion of laughter, outrageous dancing moves and a very unorganized surf trip.

I LOVE it.

We might get a bit loud, but I think it’s a healthy loud.

There is just too much joy that our bodies can contain, we have to let some out for others.

They’ll be YEWNGS, they’ll be party waves, they’ll be un-identified noises, and they’ll be rainbow colours shining bright from our wetsuits.

It brings an epic vibe to the line up and even the grumpy ones end up giving us a smile.

This summer, our French Atmosea crew gathered for a longboard session in Seignosse.

The waves were P U M P I N G and all of us were really excited to get out there.

I hadn’t surfed with this group for a long time so I think I developed some kind of FOMO (aka fear of missing out) between the desire to speak to my friends at the line up and the craving to catch waves.

At night, we met at beautiful friend and artist Fillipa Edghill for dinner. We ate some kind of delicious vegetable dish and a sparkly chocolate cake made by Queen Nikonos Alice Vedrine, and then we drew tarot cards from the wild unknown and tripped out on the messages they brought. Something along the line of good winds and good swell I think.

I am very inspired by this group of surfer because to me they carry the real values of what surfing is: having fun and being kind to others.

Carrying those values mean that we smile at each other, it means we support our sisters who are just starting to get onto the board, it means that we are cheering for our girls when they get the bomb wave, it means that we call out PART Y waves because as many times as possible. Of course, I have been in those spaces of frustrations when I don’t catch anything and my girlfriends just get rides after rides, but eventually, if you are in one of those epic group, they’ll always be one who’ll say: “Hey, this is yours!”

And wether she wears Atmosea or she is a nudie surfer (because truly, what else would you even want to wear? Ahaha – that’s a totally biased comment), I truly hope you found that group of female surfers in which you feel loved, supported and understood because it just makes life so much richer.