by Max @survivalstance

Heading to Oz for the first time I didn’t have any plans but one, head to Noosa for the Noosa Festival Of Surfing. Over the years I have seen all the coverage of the festival online and it just looked like a blast. Perfect right hander for the best to put on a performance. 

This year the WSL longboard tour would join in with the fun holding the first event of the tour at Noosa. 

Looking at the schedule online for the week, there were over 7 different divisions so I knew it was going to be aN action packed week. 

I haven’t got much knowledge when it comes to the world of longboarding, but one thing I always look out for is style. Good style rules all and the board, Its gotta be a single fin. 

Walking down the path to the main point looking out, the sides were packed with competitors and their crafts, resting in the shade watching on as fellow friends surf perfect waves. 

One thing you will notice straight away is the vibe. Everyone is smiling and having a good time. No one taking themselves to seriously just surfing and enjoying their time at the beach and ultimately this leads to better surfing. 

Everyone at the comp rips there’s no doubt about that but the one thing I can remember being blown away by was the under 15 girls. They were undeniably talented. Style and grace mixed in with some solid foot work. I was just amazed.

One of my favourite divisions was the old mal division, surfers would ride boards made way back in 1986. The speed these boards would create was very noticeable, the huge cut-backs the surfers were able to do on these boards made for a very enjoyable viewing experience. 

Needles to say the Noosa Festival Of Surfing is one not to miss. It has something for everyone, chill on the beach and watch the best do their thing or take a step back and enjoy a cold one at the beach bar. What more could you ask for aye...