My surf trip in Portugal

Joy, 7 1/2 years old

At the end of 2019, I did a surf trip in Portugal, in Algarve. My name is Joy, I'm 7 and a half and I love surfing. As soon as we can, my parents take my little sister and me on a trip. I love discovering new countries and making new friends! The south of Portugal is a place that I really liked. You need a 3/2 combination and there is always surfing because you can move west or south depending on the wind, and there are also fallback spots if it's big. This is the perfect place!

We stayed at Quinta Alma, next to Aljezur. It's a place I loved! A little paradise, in an isolated valley. There is only the sound of birds and animals, trees and tents. It is very beautiful and the owners Joana and Mario are adorable. They created this place themselves, planted full of local species and they also grow organic vegetables. They are very close to nature and the eco-lodge is very respectful of the environment.

In the morning we had breakfast at the Lodge. There is a large wooden house, the Food Temple, and a buffet with local and organic products. They make fresh smoothies every morning and I loved the orange juices because they were delicious. It was a good season there for oranges! During the day we went surfing, we had picnics on the beach. I took very nice waves, my dad goes into the water with me and pushes me. In the evening we returned to Quinta Alma, the showers are in wooden huts and I loved washing in the middle of nature. You can also take long walks in the forest.

I have surfed a lot of different places. Sometimes it was too big for me, so only dad went into the water.

The beaches are beautiful! Some are very crowded but most of them are very wild and there are few people in the water. There are spots for all levels, beach break or reef.

At Quinta Alma there are donkeys and sheep, they are so cute, we were going to give them carrots every day! It was one of my favorite moments! Joana, Mario and their friends planted hundreds of small trees (local species) for a weekend to reforest patches of forest in the large estate where Quinta Alma is located. Their ecological approach is very committed!

I really liked this beautiful place and know that I will come back. PS: A big kiss to Gaïa and Suri!