Morocco with Julia Muniz

Text Julia Muniz, photographies Victoria Moura

Julia Muniz, a surfer and a Brazilian model living in California, went on a girls’ trip to Morocco. She went for a photo shoot for an American clothing brand, along with photographer Victoria Moura @victoriamouraphoto and model Camila Ganon @camilaganon. The opportunity for the girls to discover this sunny land on the other side of the Atlantic.

“Frankly, Marrakech is beautiful and very touristy but I would not go back, it’s a place you should go once to see the mosques, riads and resorts.”

“Agadir and Taghazout are one of the most beautiful and magical places I have visited in my life. The vibes I felt always made me thank God for the opportunity to be there. Our surfcamp contributed so much to this experience, they took us to day trips, to the desert and couple stops to see wild camels. After the surf, we stopped on the way and had a packed lunch, only us and the waves.”

“The city is clean and the sunset is from far one of the most amazing I have ever seen. Unfortunately, we could stay only 3 days there and the waves weren’t as great as they usually are. There are many great spots and waves for all levels of surfing. Our experience was perfect. The surfing even with longboards was so fun. One day we went on a day trip to Imsouane, and the landscapes! I can’t explain how pretty it was. We had lunch in a restaurant by the ocean watching the surf.”

“We booked a transfer from Marrakech for 140 euros. That is the best option if you are in a group of 3 or 4 persons since the bus is not a great cost-benefit. We had big suitcases and surfbags and the transfer was amazing. It was about  3 hours drive from Marrakech and we had Wifi/AC all the way. We stopped to buy dates, 1/2kg for 2 USD (soooo good)! All the landscapes on the way were amazing and the roads are new. On the way back, our surfcamp arranged us a transfer for 120 euros.”

“We are so glad that we choose Sunshine Surf Marocco! The owner is Reda, a super sweet local and as soon as we decided to stay there, he asked us about food restrictions. One of my friend is vegan and guess what?! They did vegan meals EVERYDAY for us! The rooms are perfect and they have a rooftop with a view on the bay. It felt like home. The afternoon tea on the rooftop was also always incredible.

Our favorite day of the whole trip was when the waves were flat and Reda took us to a spa in Agadir. We did the Hamman (typical Moroccan body scrub) and had a lot of fun.”

“When I was planning to go to Morocco, many people told me about the Hamman- a traditional bathing and cleansing ritual. The experience may vary from place to place, but is usually divided into those steps: you stay fully naked in an extra-hot steam room to open the pores; They throw water on you with a bucket; Get lathered in olive-oil based black soap; Lying on a marble stretcher, you get scrubbed with the kessa glove; then  you bath in COLD water (or use a bucket on my case). Result: Smooth skin + refreshed feeling. Right after, we went to a 1 hour massage. I haven’t felt so relaxed in years. The masseur and scrubber will be of the same sex than you.

For Moroccans, hamman is more than a spa; local girls from Marrakech go to the Hamman once a week. Hammam is rooted in the tradition of Islamic cleansing ablutions. It was a VERY funny experience: me and my 2 friends fully naked in a steam room getting water thrown in our heads with a bucket HAHA. I felt like a kid. If you are going to Morocco, you NEED to try the hammam!”