Mikala Wilbow

Mikala is Australian, she surfs and she’s surf photographer, she talks about her life, her work and her relationship to the ocean:

I am an outdoors kinda girl with a love for the ocean, beach and coastal lifestyle. I was determined to combine my love for photography with my love for the ocean and capture the beauty of the surfing lifestyle. The images i capture are the experiences and places i am lucky enough to enjoy. There is always so much passion in every frame I take.

I didn’t grow up on the coast and i got into surfing when i was 18 (which i thought was late in life) Once i found surfing, there was no where else to live but by the ocean. I felt an intense connection to the sport and lifestyle that came with it and saw so much beauty in the everyday experiences a surfer gets to live. Being a photographer already, I naturally wanted to photograph it.

I remember a time when i hadn’t been in the water for about 4 days. I had been on the beach running around photographing a surf event but not actually gone into the ocean. I couldn’t shake the feeling until i finally decided to get wet. I grabbed my board and went for a surf. Straight away i knew i just needed some water therapy and thats exactly what it is. I find the ocean calming and quiet. A little escape from the busy and fast world that buzzes around me every day.

I like to float between the two. I find that below the surface is so quiet. A simple and beautiful scene. Then above the surface is powerful, energetic and noisy.

I am really drawn towards the idyllic island surf locations. I am a sucker for perfect waves in crystal clear waters with a backdrop of palm trees and white sand. I have been lucky enough to photograph in the Maldives numerous times and i find that there is something inspiring about shooting on island based surf locations.

My best souvenir of surf photography is the travel i have been able to do and the places around the world i have been able to experience. The worst souvenir would be the array of scars down my legs from different encounters with the reef.