Mathilde and Nico

French tandem surf couple Mathilde and Nico are back from Morocco with a great little video shot in February, this year.

“We’d wanted to shoot a tandem sequence for a long time, but we needed the right conditions to try and show another side of tandem surfing – a lot of people think it’s all GoPro clips filmed on the whitewater and long holds on the beach. We wanted to show that regardless of your age, level or the waves, you can have fun tandem surfing.

So we took the opportunity of the Ocean Roots Club’s trip to Morocco to make a film/documentary about surfing, its values and the trip, built around the kids’ introduction to surfing. “Heritage” is due to be released in mid-May. For 12 days we got to surf long point breaks in the south of Morocco and came back with this edit from Antoine Chicoye for Palm Production. We can’t wait for the next trip!” Mathilde and Nico

Translation Goergie Scott, PLS translate