Map of piracy

Anouk Corolleur

Since young, I dream that I am a Pirate.

This metaphor fascinates and inspires my rebellious and nomadic soul.

I hope that, like me, this article will awaken your thirst for adventure and your desire for Life.

What is a Pirate?

For me, a pirate is an explorer, a traveler and an adventurer. A bit like Charles Darwin. A pirate observes and questions certain beliefs.

Often, he disturbs and confuses others, because a Pirate does not sit in lies. He speaks the truth and illuminates our deepest fears. In 1837, Charles Darwin embarked aboard the Beagle for a five-year trip to map the South American coast. During his trip, Charles studied the geology of islands and continents, but he mainly collected the specimens and fossils of the species he encountered. On his return, he studied all the specimens brought back from his journey, and elaborated the Theory of Evolution. Because of his analysis, Charles will then be at odds with the Catholic Church, which represented at the time, most of all Western society.

Pretty inspiring.

But boat or not, we can all seek the deeper Truth and experience a rich and fully lived life. It is by taking this path that we participate actively in the Evolution and the construction of a better world.

I write Truth with a big T because there are many levels of truths.  The most superficial level of truth is the one of thoughts. Thoughts are our surface currents. They change directions every 10 minutes. Below the thought level, lower in the depths, we find the current of emotions. A good pirate must learn to navigate these currents wisely because, although they may seem real, they can divert us from our true voice.

Finally, still below the emotions, there is a precious and magical current. It is a current that communicates in the form of a song that only the Pirate himself can hear. It is the sacred song of the soul, the one that guides the Pirate throughout his life.

Sometimes I meet Pirates who have been stuck in whirlpools. Some have been there for many years, and others have stayed there all their lives. They are there, stagnant, stuck in an eternal debate between their thoughts and their emotions.  So when I go my way, I throw a rope at them, I give them a helpful hand. But they usually do not want it. They tell me, “What’s the point?”.

So I try to remind them of the joy of adventure, the joy of living, the joy of sailing on the water, free and light. And then I keep going with my own path, because I understand that it is by continuing in growing my own voice that I can inspire a breath of life onto the sails of others. (*How to get out of a whirpool at the end of the article)

My years of navigation allowed me to create for you a real Piracy Map.

It can be read by anyone, unfortunately, few will dare to hoist the black flag.

And no matter what you decide today, I honor who you are.

Yet deep down in your being …

The Adventure calls you.

Piracy Map, Anouk Corolleur 2018

Rule # 1: A Pirate has the courage to say the Highest Truth. This is his first quality. And if he lies to himself, he tries to confess as quickly as possible the deepest truth, the one that goes beyond the currents of thoughts and emotions. A real pirate takes the risk of losing everything to follow his inner melody. To lose the validation of his parents, an intimate relationship, a comfortable job, a group of peers … A Pirate is extremely brave, because the truth is the most terrifying demon of its inner world. But a Pirate does not wait to be dead to start living. His thirst for life psuhes him to jump into the void. His jump then becomes his entry card, his passport, in the club Piracy.

Rule # 2: A Pirate Knows and Respects the Laws of the Piracy Club

Once in the Piracy Club, he is explained the Great Laws of the Universe. Indeed, like Gravity, there are other equally important laws that never sleep.  Among them: The Law of Divine Compensation and the Law of Attraction. The Pirate uses these laws as allies to sail on the waves of life. Here is a reminder of these laws for Pirates who have not learned their lessons well:

1.     The law of Divine Compensation: The law of Divine Compensation states that the Universe is self-organizing and self-correcting. The embryo becomes a baby, the bud becomes a flower, the acorn becomes an oak. There is therefore an invisible force that moves every aspect of reality to its best expression. And the Universe is not only self-organized, it is also self-correcting. If there are injuries and diseases, the body is equipped with an immune system to correct that. This self-organizing and self-correcting imprint affects all aspects of our reality. Not only does our body continue to be worked by this invisible hand, but every aspect of our lives (emotional, physiological and spiritual) is also programmed to thrive.

2.     The Law of Attraction The most powerful law of the Universe. It explains that each thought emits a vibration, a signal, like an energy, which attracts a corresponding signal to it. The Pirate therefore chooses his thoughts and emotions to stay in a positive and enthusiastic flow.

Rule # 3: A pirate chooses Love. Since he knows he has a choice of his thoughts and emotions, the Pirate chooses to love. He decides to forgive those who have hurt him and to listen with compassion to those who are hurt. A pirate listens more than he speaks, he consoles more than he condemns or blames, because he understood that only love heals.

Rule # 4: A Pirate takes time to reconnect with the Divine –He takes the time to sit alone in meditation or to walk silently in nature. He creates an environment and a way of life that allows him to become more and more attentive to the messages coming from the deep current of his soul. A Piate cherishes this sacred connection and maintains a quality relationship with the Divine.

Rule n # 5: A pirate cares for his ship (aka: his body) He feeds himself with high quality foods, fresh water and clean air. He exercice and maintains his ship clean so that she can function to her best of potential.

Rule # 6: A pirate expresses his emotions gracefully –He does not project them on others and does not blame the rest of the world. He knows the feeling of anger, as well as the sadness and pain that live below his anger. A pirate expresses himself by opening his heart and showing himself vulnerable, thus helping others to open theirs.

Rule # 7: A pirate does not judge Neither he nor others. He accepts himself as he is, wooden leg and patch to the eye. By accepting who he is, he unconsciously allows others to do the same. Without judgment, he can also continue to grow and blossom. When others judge him, the pirate sends them love their way and keeps going forward without paying too much attention, because the pirate is on mission and he has no time to lose with this kind of toxicity.

Rule # 8: A pirate loves and does not wait to love. Every morning, the pirate takes the time to breathe and feel his breath. He realizes how incredible fortunate he is to having been given those precious breaths. He is grateful that Life gave him the gift of an extra day and he uses it preciously. He is a rich person, aware that life can be taken back in an instant. As a result, a Pirate does not wait to tell others that he loves them.

* To get out of a whirlpool: Instead of rowing against the current to escape the whirlwind, give up, surrender. You will never win against the current. Let yourself be sucked and swallowed by the ocean. I promise you won’t die, you will just feel the pain and repressed emotions. This is your death, this is your birth.