Makara swimwear

A good spirit, beautiful materials and beautiful lines are the essence of what we love. Makara Swimwear is a young brand founded by two women working with talent in Bali.

Tell us a little about yourself ?

Makara was founded 3 years ago in January, tells us Kristina.  My friend and partner Gerda Mickeviciute was the one that started the company, I joined her later – roughly about 1 year ago.

When Gerda visited me in Los Angeles we went surfing and she totally fell in love with it.  After she finished her studies in London she started traveling the world and decided to stay in Bali.  THere she made one suit for herself so she could be comfortable and look elegant when surfing.  After that, other girls started asking her for to make one for them and slowly this is how Makara started…

What’s the spirit of your brand ?

Our vision is to empower women to feel strong, feel comfortable and look elegant while doing extreme sports in the water.  Also, we encourage women to be confident and comfortable in their bodies that’s why we do not make swimwear that has breast cups in them.  We encourage natural beauty because every woman is BEAUTIFUL! Makara’s designers have worked very hard to create a product that is simple, yet sophisticated – with modern women and their needs in mind.

We try to inspire women around the world by writing blogs, working with active women that are involved in women communities, etc.  Makara is growing as well as the circle of empowering women that we work with.  We are united and a team with many girls that think alike.

You work in Bali, how are you investing there?

We support Indonesian women by donating clothing if they cannot afford it, organizing surf days out, also we are a part of a group called Bali Girls ride out where girls get to meet and ride their motorbikes together, bond, socialize and build relationships!  Also, in all of those social gatherings in LA as well as in Bali we communicate the message to all the girls that we meet and work with that they must follow their hearts, be active and help each other rather than compete with one another 🙂

We believe, that change is happening now and we are a part of it! There is a movement of women becoming independent, even if you think that it does not exist in most of the world anymore it is not true. Ladies, we are still fighting for freedom!  For ourselves and for our sisters!

We are proudly supporting women communities, which can’t always afford our product and help them break through their traditional social norms – as for example Indonesian Surfer Girl Community. Indonesian women rarely surf, as it doesn’t align with social expectations of society, however, despite the social pressures, we found a bunch of warriors who were following their dreams to be in the ocean and catch the waves everyday.

It’s beautiful to see when such a simple thing can give the power to live differently.

What message do you want to convey through your brand?

Makara wear brand was created not just for the purpose of creating a great bikini or performance suit for surfing. It was about a message, that we all can do it, that we all no matter what race or age, can surf and start surfing, be comfortable and look elegant while conquering the waves.

More and more women are joining water sports and it makes us so happy!

We love the spirit of extreme sports – pretty much all board sports and one of the owners loves motorbikes.

We believe it’s one of the best transport option as it lets you enjoy the ride and connect with nature. We have created a stylish organic cotton line with the world and a modern mermaid in mind.  Minimalist-island style dresses and shorts prove once again, that less is more.

To sum it all up this is our message to women: Life is too short just to go with the wind, sometimes you have to go against it so you can feel alive. Wherever you live just know that if your society feeds you limits, you do not have to eat that dish of sorrow. Do things that make your heart smile. Jimi Hendrix once said: “I’m the one that has to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to.” So live on! No matter what you do, if you tune in with yourself and listen – you will succeed. Get out of that comfort bubble, go out there and learn about yourself through the prism of the glass experience box. You will succeed in your life, which you will explore fully and will reach destinations you never thought you were capable of reaching. Dial in. Tune in. Connect.

Live dangerously happy! Be a power, be a womam.  Be a powerful woman!