Interview and video: Imogen Caldwell

Hi Imogen,

You grew up in Australia in Red Bluff. Do you think you could tell us about you childhood there?

I grew up learning to surf, fish, dive and basically my own fun here, at Red Bluff. Two hours from the nearest town you learn to be pretty self sufficient. My dad taught me to surf, as well as my 3 brothers and sister.

Surfing wise, how often do you surf? What type of wave do you prefer riding?

I'm in the water every day, wether that is surfing, diving or out fishing getting diner. My preference is obviously a perfect left, but ill take what I can get.

What's you favorite surf spot in Australia? What about in the rest of the world?

Home. Red Bluff Quobba Station. Other than that, probably the Mentawai.

What is the spot you find the most challenging?


Where have you never surfed and have always dreamed of surfing?

Fidji, Tahiti.

You surf in Australia where there are sharks, is it something you think about when you're in the water?

Sure, but it doesn't stop me from going out.

When you're not on the water, what are your favorite activities?

I love to garden. I have a small quiver of motorbikes and I cook everyday. I'm always in the kitchen.

Your model. Is this your full time job? Do you have others projects?

Part time surfer, part time model. I'm also training to be a pilot.

Do you find the job easy or restrictive?

Definitely not restrictive, modelling has opened so many dors for me and I feel so privileged to be able to live the life I am living.

Is there a phrase, a film, a book that affected your life?

I am affected and inspired by people that I meet during my travels and my close friends and family every day. They are the ones that push me to reach for the stars and work as hard I possibly can.

What is the most important for you?

Family, Food and my dogs.

Thanks very much!!!