Inner wild, a surf movie by Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman signs a film where the female surf shows all its diversity and its beauty.

“When I was growing up, access to surf films was limited to the local surf shops and VHS rental stores,” said Dawson. “I had no idea who Rell Sunn was, or Lynne Boyer, or Jericho Poppler. I watched ‘Gidget’, ‘Endless Summer’, and ‘North Shore’ on repeat–that was my influence for all things surf, and while I still appreciate those films and the foundation they built for me of surf culture, I felt a void in knowing what women’s surfing looked like at the time. I dreamed of watching women surfing to learn from, but I remember only having access to the men’s ’90s films tuned to punk music, and those never really resonated with what I was looking for.”

“‘Peaches’ and the OG ‘Blue Crush’ were the first movies I remember seeing that showcased the women’s surfing,” continued Dawson. “I was amazed by what Lisa, Megan, Rochelle, Serena and other women of that generation were doing on waves, and it was cool to see women’s surfing standing on its own. Tiffany Campbell’s ‘Dear and Yonder’ still stands alone in its storytelling of women’s surf culture and I yearned to see more like it. I wanted to see what it ‘felt like’ to be a female surfer, and that deeper connection to the ocean that I always felt was the most incredible element to the sport. I wanted to see women ride a range of different equipment.”