IMMERSION supports the #IspeakBlueToo awareness campaign for the World Oceans Day! And you?


IMMERSION supports the #IspeakBlueToo awareness campaign for the World Oceans Day! And you?

Eve Isambourg

“With sea drenched hair our hearts and souls into the ocean merge.

We hear the song as wax meets board and bare feet touch the sand.

We love to live and live to surf.”

This is who we are, and what we love, and so do you.

The Ocean, for many of us, is our everything, our peaceful heaven on earth, our favorite playground.

But today, more than never, the Ocean is threatened:

– 20% of the Coral Reef Worldwide HAVE DISAPPEARED and 60% is degraded.

– 49% de marine biodiversity has disappeared since 1970. – By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans. Plastic wastes kill up to 1,000,000 birds, and 100,000 sea mammals and countless aquatic creatures each year.

– There are 5 plastic continents. The main one, known as the 7th continent, “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” equals 1⁄3 of the surface of Europe.

But these are only few alerting datas among many others.

So, it is time for action. It is time to raise our voices, this is why, IMMERSION speaks up, and supports the #IspeakBlueToo movement, and you?

This movement is a giant human wave of people CARING about the BLUE PLANET we live on and share all together. Whatever country we live in or language we speak, in the end, WE ALL SPEAK BLUE, and #IspeakBlueToo.

We love the Ocean, we support “Healthy Ocean”, and raise our voice facing the urgence of the situation – “We speak english, german, french, Spanish, Italian (…) but We Speak Blue Too” – Raise your voice!

I am Eve Isambourg, the founder of the campaign, surfer, blogger, and writer for IMMERSION and I was happy to tell you more about the campaign, the steps to take part, the issues at stake and my inspirations to launch this movement.

Who am I and what is #IspeakBlueToo? What’s the aim of the campaign?

My name is Eve Isambourg, I am almost 20 years old and I am french (born on the Northern french coast) but I grew up in Mauritius Island (Raised by the Ocean).

I’ve lived in Paris for two years now, studying International Relations at the University of Sciences Po Paris, specialised in Environmental Policies, Sustainable Development Pathways, and Photography. 

It’s been more than a year now since I know I really want to dedicate my professional carrier to environmental issues, acting for change, and raising awareness to protect our planet. 

I want to inform people about Ocean Conservation, oceans being threatened, and encourage concrete actions. Being a practical and essential tool for action, I am very interested in”Environmental communication” field of study. Being a voice for our environment, and especially for our oceans, is something dear to my heart.

Here is a recent video I’ve made revealing my wish to act for what I think is right:

I also really love writing, and photography. Those passions encouraged me to start blogging and share:

I am launching a campaign called #IspeakBlueToo

It is a social media campaign for the Ocean, and more precisely in support of the World Oceans Day that will be celebrated on the 8th of June 2018.

Supported by The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, dozens of NGOs worldwide the aim is to raise awareness and mobilize civil society about the state of the Ocean. To realise, that whoever we might be, wherever we might live in the World – we share the same Blue Planet, the same Ocean, even though we use different names. 

What was my inspiration for this project?

“In my moments of doubt, I’ve told myself firmly… ‘If not me, who? If now now, when?” – A lot of girls might remember that inspiring and famous speech of Emma Watson when she launched in 2014, the #HeForShe United Nations equality campaign. Well, It is the campaign that inspired me to launch #IspeakBlueToo. I want to fight for what I love, for what I think is right. “Healthy Oceans”, this is my fight. But alone, I am a drop of water in this fight, while together, we’re the Ocean. This is why, I’ve decided to launch a campaign, a social media campaign for more people to be aware, and involved in protecting something we ALL SHARE, and CARE ABOUT, our BLUE PLANET.

How to take part in this human wave? It is simple, and we’re gonna use the power of social networks.


1 => Take a piece of paper (REUSE IS POSSIBLE), write your name/full name or just a surname (I am …) + your mother tongue (I speak…) + write “and #IspeakBlueToo” in support of this campaign. 

2 => Share your picture online on your social networks : instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest … with the #IspeakBlueToo hashtag. 

+ Send your picture to the adress ““/ Or to the facebook Page / Or to the Instagram Page to be reposted.

3 => Ask your friends and family to take part in the movement. 





And, what’s next?

The step 2 of the campaign is about information and education, so please find the guidelines report of the campaign, with solutions for the Ocean, by clicking on the link below:

Finally, the step 3 of the campaign will occur on the 8th of June – We are going to organise MEET-UP events in Mauritius on the beach, under the name of #IspeakBlueToo and local NGOs involved in promoting the SDG’s.

Also, as an action for the World Oceans Day, #IspeakBlueToo and the fashion brand SAVAGE are collaborating on the making of a tee-shirt, which profits will be offered to an NGO supporting Ocean Conservation.

“The Ocean cannot speak, but we are its spokesperson.

Even if we speak different languages, we all speak blue, and #IspeakBlueToo

Thank you so much for you attention, and caring.

Waves of Joy,

Eve Isambourg, for #IspeakBlueToo Campaign