Homemade raw coconut yogourt

A healthy dairy free yogourt

Ingredients :

3 young coconuts

2 probiotic capsules


Open coconuts and reserve coconut water.

Spoon the coconut meat from coconuts and puree in food processor. Add come coconut water, one tablespoon at a time, until coconut puree is desired consistency. Open probiotic capsules and mix them into the coconut mixture. Blend to make a very thick mixture. It should be almost thick enough to stand a spoon in.

Pour coconut mixture in clean glass jars, leaving some room at the top for expansion.

Cover the jars with something breathable, like a cocktail napkin, muslin or even a paper towel. Secure this with a rubber band.

Let jars set somewhere away from sunlight and drafts, preferably somewhere warm and with an even temperature.Leave them from 12 hours to two days. This will depend on the ambient temperature and how tangy you want your yogurt to be. After your yogurt is cultured, remove the breathable covers and use normal lids. Place in the fridge and let cool for 6 hours before enjoying.

Keep for one week