“We sometimes get the feeling that surfing is now only a matter of brand new wetsuit, brand new surfboard, contest or a question of high performance and self-esteem.

Surfing is more than that. Surfing involves passion, culture, exchange…

As a Surfclub, Oceanroots is a key player in its development and our goal is not only to bring competitors to high level but also to share our vision of our sport and what makes it so special. That’s why we’ve decided to take a group of 13 kids between 9 and 16 years old to a very special journey.

The project is quite simple. We are following these kids during 3 years through 3 surftrips that could be seen as initiatory travels.

As a first step before Indonesia and Hawaï, we travelled to Morocco. This country is for us a perfect introductive chapter to “Heritage” for many reasons but we can say that Morocco is the perfect mix between quality of waves and cultural change for the kids.

The project is born from a cooperation between the staff of Oceanroots and the kids. At home, they were stakeholers of the project as they were involved in the fund rising that made the trip possible. In Morocco, thanks to the support of local surfclubs, they threw a cultural bridge between them and the locals through surfing.

They were also sensibilized to the local environmental issues in order to make them not only surfers but responsible citizens.

Our objective was to take a group of kids abroad, create strong bonds, share our vision and our love of surfing, it became their adventure, their journey.”