Expand your lungs capacity: Gomukhasana

Céline Lévy

Gomukhasana means the cow muzzle pose. It’s a very good shoulder opener and a powerful asana to oxygenate and energize your whole system. During this posture, one lung is blocked and the other one is breathing for both. Lungs are not muscles but they can be strengthened. As this asana oxygenates your system deeply, you can feel in between sides tingling sensations on your skin, your sense of touch being enhanced.

One of my teacher had a lung the size of a plum after a bad motocross accident. In three months of practicing gomukhasana 10 min each side per day he recovered the normal size of his lung, the doctors couldn’t believe it!

Gomukhasana is very healing for any respiratory problem ( asthma, bronchitis…) and skin problem.

  1. Sit on your knees, a bloc beneath you if you need support. You want to give a nice length to your spine but if it’s too painful for your joins sit cross legs.

  2. Bend left elbow pointing toward the sky and bend right elbow pointing toward earth. Bind in your back somewhere in between shoulder blades.

  3. If you can’t bind, or if binding twists your neck, grab a strap or a tee-shirt, a scarf….and grab this piece of fabric to allow you to maintain the posture.

  4. Breathe deeply, close your eyes.

  5. After one side release, pose with the eyes closed , hands resting on your thights, feel your skin and the depth of your breath.

  6. Change side

You can start with 1 minute or 2 each side, you want to progress and be able to stay 3 to 4 min.