Elena Grib, a surfer, an artist

“Elena Grib is an artist and a surfer girl based in Portugal. Few years ago she left her home country in attempt to find the lost pieces of her soul. And after years of searching Elena became a truly water woman who every day enjoys great connection with the ocean, her endless source of creativity, inspiration and energy.

By using light and playful colors she is illustrating wonderful designs and prints that in different ways combine to the ocean and surfing, show the beauty of simple things in life, present harmony and calmness atmosphere, reveal your unique soul.

How can you describe your water relationship?

Well, it’s absolutely priceless connection with my source of energy, inspiration. Ocean makes me feel now, in this moment, feel so kind, feel love. You are the part of nature, the most people don’t have the opportunity to enjoy.

What changed in your life since you moved?

I changed, my personal view on the things – I love the simple life in countryside. I started to give much more attention to everything around me, probably because you are becoming a piece of everything, piece of environment. I found it pretty cool!

How are you doing now?

Today I fully enjoy what I do every day! It’s priceless feeling to create your own things and to share them with everyone, to surf , to be the one with the nature, to feel on your skin the breathing of the ocean! So thankful for that!

What is about your illustrations?

I try with my art to transfer feelings and emotions, to show how I see the things or how I wanna see them. And it’s so intimate time for me – well, you reveal to everybody what’s your thoughts, your soul, your sensibility.

What does make you happy?

Being attentive is what makes me happiest. And I’m talking about flow: being so focused on something that it draws you in completely. Everything I do with great attention can create flow. Feeling happy and good can just as easily be found in the small things: walk in the beach, free surfing, reading a good book, creating the illustrations.

Elena Grib ( @oh_ocean ) https://www.instagram.com/oh_ocean/