Cold Lines

A short video of Claudia Lederer: Lee-Ann Curren, chasing the waves in Iceland…

“After visiting on a regular basis for the past 5 years, Iceland has become almost like a second home to me. I’m not sure what attracts me so much about this place. Maybe the immensity of the landscapes that make you feel so vulnerable, yet very much alive, and leave you in a permanent state of awe and contemplation.I think this video describes perfectly what it feels like to be out there”. Lee-Ann Curren

“It’s hard to describe the feelings created by such a change of scenery. Iceland’s untouched nature and its powerful, unreal landscapes provide total escapism and a real fascination for many of us. Day after day, while on the road searching for waves, the misty and cold atmosphere created an invitation for us to move to another world, fuelling our imagination with tales and legends where each rock generates a new mystical dimension. Along with Lee-Ann Curren, we travelled like that for a few days, carried by winds and swell, on the hunt for waves that would allow us to bring back unique memories of this extraordinary region.” Claudia Lederer