Bryanna Bradley, a talented photographer from Canada

Rencontre avec une talentueuse photographe de surf canadienne.

Bryanna Bradley is a young and talented Canadian photographer. She tells us about her work:

My journey with photography feels nothing short of a dog chasing it’s tail, and I mean this in the best way possible. I began my photography career out of high school, studying photojournalism and working as a freelancer in Montreal, Canada, but it never really felt right. So, I booked a one way ticket to Hawaii in the middle of the night and began my love affair with surfing and surf culture, I had intentions of getting into surf photography, but it never seemed to feel right. I travelled all over the world for nearly 3 years, mostly without a camera.

It wasn’t until I moved to Vancouver Island that I felt re-inspired to pick up my camera again and start shooting. I was sucked into the most incredible female surf community, and the beauty of the landscape of beaches here on Vancouver Island feels lyrical in a way I cant quite explain. The weather conditions may not seem inviting for most surfers or photographers, but they are always changing which seems to keep me inspired.

I spend as much time as possible shooting and surfing with friends in and out of the water, documenting or making my own memories of this unique place I am lucky enough to call home.