Between land and sea, meet Sierra Quitiquit

Do you think you could introduce yourself ? Could you tell us about your childhood, where you grew up, skiing competitions etc ?

My name is Sierra Quitiquit - I was names after the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. My dad was a ski bum from cali and he raised my three brothers and I on skis. I come from humble beginnings but my parents always made sacrifices for us kids to be on skis. When we couldn’t afford the ski team my dad became our ski coach and we’d travel around in a van to ski races.

Life hasn’t always been easy on you and your family, how have you overcome the obstacles that you have met in your life ?

I’ve worked through some pretty tough times in my short life. I think perspective and gratitude have always been my ticket. Knowing that the tough times don’t last and always seeking the good in life. Skiing, surfing, skateboarding, yoga, meditation, movement… all of those things gave me joy so I pursued them. And even during the hard times in life i think it’s important to stay grateful. If you own a smart phone or a lap top and have the time to read this then you are definitely privileged - whether its fresh air, a good meal, a hug from a friend or a super fun ski day - cherishing those moments has been my ticket to happiness

Sometimes danger and even death are part of the job description. In skiing and in surfing ? Do you think about it a lot ?

No, when it’s my time it’s my time. I make really smart decisions, especially these days as I’ve been through back to back shoulder surgeries and over a dozen dislocations. I try not to take stupid risks anymore.

You are a fierce skiing athlete, how do you fit surfing into your life ?

I’m so obsessed with surfing. As soon as the snow melts I pack a small bag and head to the beach. It’s my passion so I prioritize it. I usually pick up a few bikini modeling jobs every year so I’ll book my trip in early to “get a tan” which is code for surf. hehe.

We recently saw you surfing in extremely cold places, can you tell us a bit more about these extreme surf experiences ?

I have to take it where I can get it! I always pack a wetsuit if I’m going on a ski trip near the beach.

What are the main spots you visit ?

I love to do trips to Central America or california. But I think most of my surf trips happen around skiing so I end up surfing in super cold locations like Norway, Alaska or Canada. I don’t mind the cold, if you have the right wetsuit it’s not that bad and it’s way less crowded!

Can you tell us about your job as a model, the good and the bad things ?

My mom made me try out for America’s Next Top Model and somehow I made it on to the show. Shortly after that I landed a global American Eagle campaign and it’s been a pretty crazy journey ever since then. I wasn’t really that in to the idea of being a model, I always wanted to be a skier, but modeling paid so much and it was so hard in the beginning to find ski sponsors. So I would model in the off season in New York or fly to jobs all over the world. Modeling has definitely been a huge blessing that gave me so much opportunity and life experience. But it wasn’t always easy. There was a lot of competition and pressure to loose weight and generally a pretty unhealthy environment. I was always lucky to have skiing to keep me grounding and give me a broader perspective.

How do you see your future on a personal and professional perspective ?

Right now I’m starting a CBD brand, producing and directing a climate change film and recently founded a non-profit to create media in support of environmental preservation. I have a lot on my plate besides skiing and modeling and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier. I love to be challenged, to learn, to grow and to explore different avenues of this world.

How do you stay fit and healthy (training plan, diet, yoga…) ? Is it a pleasure or a challenge for you ?

My favorite way to stay fit is to play sports and do yoga. But more and more I find that I need to train, work with professionals for alignment and with my injuries. I’m a mixed bag - when I’m on the road skiing and filming - its a good day if I get a 10 minute stretch and 10 minutes of physical therapy in and eat something besides potato chips and chocolate. Skiing takes so much time and energy so I let myself slack. When I’m home I go in to full recovery and training mode - in one day I might see my physical therapist, acupuncturist, do a cleanse, train and go to yoga. I guess I’m kind of an all or nothing kind of person haha.

Is there a phrase, a film, a book that have affected your life ?

The Untethered Soul - it’s all about how we perceive life and the story we tell ourselves. It’s about seeing your reality, accepting it and choosing a positive story. I’m a glass half full kind of girl!