Bardenas, a land of adventure

The car digs a track in the  dust, tracing a thick earthy cloud in its wake. Here, the soil is tinted ochre and already sun cracked by the end of this month of June. We find ourselves in a spectacular setting, arid, almost precious. A no-mans-land where time has come to a stop,  having patiently moulded the landscape over the centuries, strange ribbed mountains and a deserted lunar scene.

The sky hesitates between thick grey and sun-burst. The wind brushes whirls of ghostly forms across the endless landscape.

Approaching  our GPS reference we continue across the desert of Bardenas towards our music festival destination. A bird of prey circling overhead rides the ascending currents.

We have brought with us everything we need, food, water and the necessary for two days of existence in a land where there is nothing awaiting us, if not for the music and an un-ending sleepless night.

Arriving  finally at the GPS reference WGS 84 42° 12’ 40.59’’.  We find vans, Cars, fellow travelers are already in place. The atmosphere resonates in anticipation of the vibrations soon to be shared. A weekend with a taste of adventure…

Lee Ann Curren

Text: Frédérique Seyral

Pictures: Frédérique Seyral, David Charbonnel, Mathieu Bazeilhac