Andrew Carruthers, surf photographer

Andrew Carruthers, chaplain and talented photographer, is 51 yrs old married with 2 adult children and living in Queensland Australia on the Sunshine Coast. We love his work!

“Noosa the beautiful point break is a back drop for many of my images as well as various destinations around the world when I travel to tour events. I have been travelling to surfing events for 12 or more years now volunteering my services as Chaplain and photographer.

Here to the surf athletes I provide care, (spiritual emotional and physical). I also provide to the WSL and other event organisers as well as to the athletes my talent as a photographer. It is a privilege and pleasure to serve the sport I love and the people I care for. I am mostly serving the World Longboard Tour “.

Instagram is @andylongboard & @longboardchappy

Roisin Carolan

This image is taken in Byron Bay at the Pass. Roisin Carolan is a local surfer of exceptional skill here she takes in the setting sun over her home break.

Kaitlin Maguire

This image was captured early in the morning at Jinzun Harbour. Taiwan. Kaitlyn Maquire is warming up before the days competition I have swum out amongst the frenzy of surfers practicing to capture some images.

Natsumi Taoka

This image is taken at Jinzun Harbour Taiwan. its early morning and all the competitors are warming up before the competition begins. I am always looking for beautiful places and situations to capture nice portraits of the surfers. Natsumi is from Chiba in Japan and is in Taiwan competing in the WSL world Longboard titles.

Kaitlin Carruthers

This image is of my daughter Kaitlyn. I captured this portrait in the water at Noosa Heads near where we live. I love the mystery of here face being divided by the water and air.

Kaitlin Maguire

This image is taken at Tupira in Papua New Guinea. The WSL mens and womans world title contest was held there in 2017. This was a first for the WSL and PNG. The surfers is Kaitlyn Maquire from California. Kaitlyn was a wildcard into this event and was impressive with strong turns and delicate finesse.

Roisin Carolan

This image is of local surfer Roisin Carolan in Byron Bay. here at her local break she turns her heavy single fin with style and grace.

Ruthy Kurumuk

This image is inbetween the surfing action in PNG. With the contest being held in PNG for the first time 4 local surfers had competed in a trials and were leigable for entry into the main event 2x men and 2x women. Ruthy Kurumuk was one of the first ever PNG competitors at world title level here she is relaxing at the contest .

Kirra Molnar

I have long been fascinated by the serene, surreal view of surfing from below the waves. the way the water and surfer interact in a trailing hand or as the surfer negotiates the oncoming wave. This particular morning I had asked Kirra to shoot with me she is a local surf instructor and competitor in the WSL Autralasia longboard tour.

This day it seemed that the dawn light and the waves movement were partnering with Kirra in a beautiful ballet.

When the swells are big the waves at Mooloolaba are explosive. The dawn light faces just the right way to light up the wave fave with the colours of the morning. This is a favourite place of mine to shoot the ever changing beauty of the breaking wave. this was captured with a 50mm prime lens.

This image is of Tupira. This wave is beautiful to behold similar to Nias in look and breaking ferocity. A beautiful tropical paradise a historic place for a longboard world title event.

Ashleigh Browne, Noosa

This image was taken at First Point Noosa on Queenslands Sunshine Coast the surfer is Ashleigh Brown. The late afternoon light shines directly into the point and lights up the surfers and wave beautifully. this particular day I was shooting with a 50mm prime lens in the water as I wanted to focus in on fine details with a nice depth of field.

This my daugther Kaitlyn paddleling on my bonzer shaped by the Campbell brothers. I love the contrast between sky and earth, symbol of the duality of our life style.