Amber Jones, storyteller with a purpose


“I’m a bit of a gypsy who’s found home in the water.  Everything I’m passionate about happens in the water and I spend most of my time immersed in it.”

”There’s probably three reasons I do what I do for a living.  One is because I have a really bad goldfish memory and I forget everything – so if I freeze it in time I feel like I can hold on to it forever.”

“The second being that I love telling stories that people don’t necessarily hear.  I love people who are passionate and it doesn’t have to be related to the water. It could be the local lady at the fruit stall – I feel like if I can tell an engaging story about her then I’m doing my job right.”

“The third and most important reason is to educate people.  By showing people the magic stuff that we get to see in the ocean, they might be inspired to protect it, or at least give a shit about it – which is really important to me.”

“In the words of Jacques Cousteau “We only protect what we love, we love only what we know, we know only what we are taught” My source of inspiration comes mostly from seeing the devastation first hand that humankind is having on our oceans but also incredible environmental groups like OneOcean research, Sustainable Coastlines & Sea Shepherd who are essentially all telling the same stories but through different powerful formats.”

“The worst mistake we can make is think that ‘someone else will do it’. At the rate we are going, my children won’t get to see the Great Barrier reef so if I don’t try my absolute best to shine light on just how insanely beautiful our oceans are when I have the equipment & skill to do so, I’ll feel forever guilty.”

“Photography & video gives me new perspectives. Every time I travel I gain new cultural and environmental insights that I wouldn’t otherwise necessarily appreciate. It allows me to tell the story how I see it in my eyes and I can only hope my audience resonates with it.”

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