A Girls Thing

A video by David Dittman

by Iona Elerbe

We’re loving this all-girls, down-to-earth short film A Girls Thing from Jæren, Norway, which is just as much about the good vibes and sisterhood as it is about the waves (and those look pretty good too), and are stoked to see cold water ladies getting the attention they deserve.

The video, shot by David Dittman, is the visual outcome of a surf trip with a group of Nordic surf sisters organised by Norwegian Sara Bianca Gilje, one of the ladies behind Ivrig (Norwegian for ‘eager’), which is all about inspiring girls to get into the wild and get down with action sports.

Yes, there’s nothing like the ease of tropical surf trips – the simplicity of that close contact between the saltwater and your skin – where all you need to make your surf dream happen, is a swimsuit, board and a thick layer of zinc. And yes, the wetsuits, hoods and gloves definitely add an extra challenge (and cost) to the whole endeavour – whoever has tried to wiggle into a damp wetsuit in the cold, knows it’s not the most comfortable of feelings.

But it’s good to get out of our comfort zone, right?! And while a full suit does make you feel a little like a tightly wrapped sausage, dressed up as a rubber penguin, there’s nevertheless something liberating about it all. No need to worry about those bottoms crawling up your crotch or exposing your boobs after a take-off fail. It’s not about looking good, let alone looking hot. It’s just about catching waves and having a good time.

Next surf destination… Norway?