A californian Girl

Portrait of Anna Sherman Ilagan

Meeting with Anna, a young Californian who surfs as well as she sings:

My name is Annalie Sherman Ilagan. I am sixteen years old and I am from Ventura, California! My dad introduced me to surfing when I was about eleven years old. It was a warm, sunny day when my dad decided to take my family out surfing. Truthfully, I was not too fond of the water when I was a little girl. I remember when my dad would load our super cool Volkswagen van with his old longboards. I learned on a 9’0 Becker when I first started surfing along with my mother and sister! My dad took me to a beach called “Mondos.”

I felt a bit scared to surf for the first time, but I was super excited! My dad would paddle with me on the board while I held onto him because I was scared to get taken away by a wave. When he turned around and pushed me into my first wave, it was pure bliss. My mind, it was free, and not a single thought came to mind. I paddled back to my dad with the biggest smile on my face craving for more waves. I fell in love with the style of longboarding since then which is why I prefer free surfing over competitive surfing. I am able to express myself by sharing waves with others and express my style of surfing without time constraints.

There are a few people that inspire me. First and foremost, my parents, who have taught me a lot about surfing and have always supported me. They are practically my best friends! Secondly, Carla Zamora, who inspired me to start surfing competitively and has inspired me to spread women empowerment. Lastly, Jeff Belzer, for being an amazing surf coach who always pushes me to better myself.

My home break is California Street located in Ventura. The perfect day there would be early in the morning before the crowds hit. A glassy waist to chest high day with my favorite longboard called the “Dicky Moe” shaped by the owner of Ahoi Surfcrafts, Paul Eigenhuis. The Dicky Moe is a perfect nose riding board due to its scooped out nose and the wide square tail. Paul is by far the kindest and most hardworking shaper I have ever met. He shapes and glasses the grooviest boards 100% by one pair of hands!

When I am not surfing, I am singing. Not only does surfing help me express myself, but music helps me express myself too! I fell in love with music when I was about one year old when I had started playing on a toy piano and sang along to songs that would play on the radio. I love jamming out at home with my little sister and harmonizer, Malia.

My personal goals for the future are to travel the world to explore and surf new places! I also want to become a marine biologist because I love adventures, science, and studying the magnificent ocean!